Beaver Grinding & Recycling Ltd.

Welcome to Beaver Grinding & Recycling - Waste Wood and Pallet Recycling

Beaver Grinding & Recycling will provide our customers with a cost effective and environmentally

sound alternative to recycle their untreated waste wood and pallets. For the convenience of

our customers we accept wood drop-offs, or roll off bins can be provided to specific locations.

Pallet recycling.

While our website is under construction, please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions.

We offer:

White Wood Recycling Facility in Calgary

Roll off bin service for white wood

Trailer service for white wood

Chip sales and trucking

Please contact us at: (403) 724-9150

Our location is : 234130 Wrangler Rd, Rocky View No. 44, AB T1X 0K2

Map of business location.

For mobile grinding, please see: